Relicensing and Proof of Treatment

For folks looking to reinstate their driving privileges: DMV’s rules require proof of successful alcohol treatment before you can get your license back following a DUII conviction. There are a only a few, narrow exceptions: (1) it’s been more than 15 years; (2) a Circuit Court judge signs an order that says you made “sufficient steps” to complete treatment; or (3) it’s an out-of-state DUII conviction we’re talking about. The rule reads as follows:


Proof of Treatment Completion Required for Reinstatement of DUII Suspension

(1) Except as provided in section (3) of this rule, a person whose driving privileges are suspended due to a conviction in an Oregon court of driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) must provide as proof that the person completed a treatment program to which the person was referred under ORS 813.021, a DUII Treatment Completion Certificate (Certificate), DMV Form 735-6821. The Certificate must be completed by an authorized representative of an Oregon DUII treatment program approved by the Director of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) or by an authorized representative of OHA on behalf of an Oregon DUII treatment provider or an out-of-state DUII treatment provider.

(2) If the person has more than one suspension of driving privileges resulting from DUII convictions, the Certificate required under section (1) of this rule is sufficient for reinstatement of all DUII suspensions with arrest dates that were before the date treatment was completed. For purposes of this section, the Certificate must show the date treatment was completed.

(3) If the person does not provide the proof described in section (1) of this rule, DMV will not reinstate driving privileges following a suspension for DUII unless:

(a) The person submits an order from the circuit court of the county in which the person was convicted showing that the person has taken sufficient steps to satisfy the requirement under ORS 813.021 to complete a treatment program;

(b) It has been 15 years or more since the person’s last DUII conviction in an Oregon court; or

(c) The suspension of driving privileges resulted from a conviction in another jurisdiction for the statutory counterpart to ORS 813.010 (DUII).

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