Oregon DUII Defense

What Is A DUII?

The State of Oregon uses a slightly different acronym to refer to driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence. DUII stands for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Intoxicants include both alcohol or drugs and are measured in various ways. Breath tests are the most common, but urine and blood tests may be used to obtain more conclusive results. If you fail to take a breath test when asked by law enforcement, your license can be suspended.

Being convicted of a DUII has serious consequences. A first time offense is classified as a misdemeanor, but penalties and fines will increase with repeat offenses. One of the most troubling aspects of a DUII is the license suspension. Not being able to transport yourself to work, for family trips, errands, or out to dinner with friends is frustrating. First time offenders are able to apply for hardship which allows them to retain driving privileges. Repeat offenders are not eligible for hardship, and after a third offense, a person’s license is revoked permanently.

How can our Portland, Oregon DUII Defense Attorneys Help You?

Being charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants is a serious thing, and those who get professional help quickly frequently get better results. Our Portland Oregon DUII attorneys’ primary goal is help to minimize the consequences so that there’s less impact on your life. Convictions sometimes cost people their jobs, home, possessions and even relationships due to the financial strain of fees, loss of income due to jail time or mandatory community service, and the general stress of the situation. You don’t deserve to have your whole life turned upside down; let the team at Oberdorfer Law Firm help you though this challenging time by doing what they do best: working tirelessly and aggressively to fight for you in the courtroom and in pre-trial negotiations. There aren’t many attorneys who regularly take these cases to trial, but Rich and Emily are not afraid of the challenge.

Let Oberdorfer Law Firm Assist You

At Oberdorfer Law Firm we believe in letting our experience and track record speak for itself. Attorney Rich Oberdorfer and Attorney Emily Oberdorfer have worked with hundreds of clients who happily refer others to the firm. With an experienced team of attorneys utilizing their knowledge and resources, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll fight aggressively for you and get you the best possible outcome. We love working with new people, so call us today to set up an initial consultation to discuss your DUII case.