Oregon Traffic Ticket Defense

The state of Oregon takes driving seriously, and there are strong penalties for drivers convicted of traffic violations. The Oberdorfer Law Firm has provided effective Oregon traffic ticket defense for clients around the state, helping thousands of motorists. Some of our clients need to maintain a clean driving record for work, are facing rising insurance premiums, or are facing driver’s license suspension, revocation or cancellation. We understand that without your driving privileges you have difficulty getting around and taking care of your family. We also understand the financial and professional consequences and will fight to protect you.

Oberdorfer Law Firm

For over a fifteen years, the Oberdorfer Law Firm has practiced Oregon traffic ticket defense. We are passionate about our work, and our attorneys are well-respected by clients and our peers. Our law firm is known for our experience, hard work, legal skills, and the caring way we treat our clients. If you need an Oregon traffic ticket attorney, give us a call for a free consultation.


Attorney Emily Oberdorfer

A life-long interest in legal matters became a career for Attorney Emily Oberdorfer. She graduated with high honors from Portland State University, and studied at Lewis & Clark Law School. After graduation from law school, she worked for a Family Court judge before entering private practice. Emily’s main interest is criminal defense and individual rights. She enjoys being able to help clients who need legal representation in Oregon courts and the U.S. District Court in Oregon.

Oregon Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are highly respected by the Oregon legal community and clients. Attorney Rich Oberdorfer and Attorney Emily Oberdorfer have dedicated their legal careers and education to the practice of criminal defense law. They work closely with clients to reach client goals and work hard to win cases for all who need criminal defense.

If you are convicted of traffic violations, you may receive a license suspension or have it revoked. You may face increasing insurance premiums or being dropped by your insurance carrier. We can help defend you against this problem, or sometimes get the charges dismissed entirely. It is important to call us immediately to protect your rights and ability to drive.

For excellent criminal defense or to fight traffic violations, contact the Oberdorfer Law Firm, Portland, OR. Call us now for legal advice, representation, or questions about Oregon traffic ticket defense at (503) 223-2313.